“It has been a pleasure working with Sheila Jackson and her professional team for over six years. During the entire time, everyone has been extremely dependable. Whether you are moving pipe or equipment, one needs honest communication and timely updates. I highly recommend allowing Principle Logistics Group to handle your time-sensitive transportation needs and you too will experience honest communication and service you can count on.”

Brian M.

CPS – domestic materials & services supplier to the energy, oil & gas, chemical & construction industries for over 22 years, Texas

“Principle Logistics Group is a hardworking carrier that is committed to on-time pickup, on-time delivery and has a Customer Service group that is second to none. When I book a load with Principle, I have supreme confidence that it will deliver on time…every time”.

Sabre, Fort Worth, Texas

“Principle Logistics Group is one big family. Up to the time I joined Principle I’ve never experienced being part of a team like this. What I have to say matters. Other companies treat owner-operators as a number. At Principle, I’m treated as a person with respect and consideration. Having been in and around trucking my entire life, 10 years of that as an owner-operator, I’ve never been as content as I am now. I like and trust the people I work with. I’m home.”


Principle Owner-operator

“Principle Logistics Group has done an outstanding job on getting our equipment shipped in a timely manner for approximately 7 years now. Communication is a must-have requirement for us, along with fair pricing, and by having Principle handle our shipping needs, we have been extremely well taken care of. Sheila Jackson and her staff are very professional and a pleasure to deal with. I look forward to dealing with them for years to come.”

Molly W.

Dispatch, international utility equipment rental & sales, Indiana

“Success in the trucking business today is directly related to a company’s ability to adapt to the cyclical nature of the industry. Too often companies get mired in the mindset of, “we’ve always done it this way”. Principle is a company that not only is adaptable but responsive to the ever-changing industry as well as the changing needs of the customer. Principle can handle any manner of freight whether legal loads or super loads with the utmost professionalism and confidence. Principle truly is a trucking company leading the way into the future.”

Principle Agent

“Working with Sheila Jackson and her team at Principle is a pleasure. They are always very professional while providing timely and accurate responses to my inquiries. Principle consistently provides me with dependable, on-time service. It’s a good feeling to deal with such a reliable business partner.”

Rick H.

Logistics Manager, international pipeline products manufacturing company, Kentucky

“Over the past several years we have been privileged to do business with the great folks at Principal Logistics Group on a daily basis. They have a wonderful variety of freight with exceptional rates and are very pleasant, professional individuals who understand on any given day the obstacles we can face. Although we have not the experience in the heavy haul industry that their company brings to the table I do believe that together our companies complement each other to “get the job done.” Thus making our jobs worthwhile to accomplish for our drivers and our customers. I look forward and depend on our companies doing business for many years to come.”