Principle Logistics Group (Principle), a Texas-based transportation logistics and management company, executed an exclusive logistics services agreement with Idaho Equipment & Sheet Metal (IESM), a leader in the manufacturing space of customized, design-to-build equipment, utilized in food processing, conveyor systems and manufacturing parts. Principle will be responsible for strategy, management, execution and transportation of all IESM products.

“We’re excited to work with IESM and be a part of the more than 35 years of excellence they’ve carefully and strategically built,” said Sheila Jackson, CEO of Principle. “IESM has earned an impressive reputation over the years and offers an industry-leading team of designers, engineers, project managers, fabricators, certified welders, machinists and installers. They’re quite amazing.”

Principle will be serving as a collaborative logistics partner for IESM, operating as its primary point of contact for all logistics matters. This will include providing qualified, vetted carriers that meet or exceed Principle’s Platinum Safety & Compliance standards as well as offering IESM complete visibility, communication and accountability for all of their shipments.

IESM’s expectations from this partnership include reduced cost overruns, expanded organizational bandwidth and an increased competitive advantage that supports IESM’s growth now and in the future.

“We previously worked with four or five service providers to handle our logistics needs and we were experiencing inconsistencies in meeting schedules and transportation expectations,” said Shane Kloer, project manager at IESM. “Consolidating all of those responsibilities into one provider will help add consistency, improved communication and added productivity to our services. We’re looking forward to this new venture with Principle.”

About Principle Logistics Group

Principle is a leader in transportation logistics, acting as a collaborative partner on a broad range of services including needs analysis, strategic planning and sourcing, and the execution of single truckload shipments, LTL service, complex specialized moves and disaster recovery project. As a company’s virtual CLO, or Collaborative Logistics Operator, they serve as an integral and invested member of a client’s management team, instituting a refined set of best practices, proven over time, to ensure all their logistics needs are met. Learn more at

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