A Chief Logistics Operator, or CLO, is a team of professionals who act as your strategic partner on a full range of logistics services including needs analysis, strategic planning, and execution. You no longer have to worry about managing all the various aspects of your company’s logistics, including having a few, disconnected staff members who could be tasked with these responsibilities. Your CLO handles everything for you.

As a partner who is just as adept with your executive team as in the field, your CLO strives to be an integral and invested member of your management team, instituting a refined set of best practices, proven over time, to ensure all your logistics needs are met.

Consider these three areas of how a CLO can enhance your team, improve your productivity, and increase the overall vision and potential of your organization:

Data drives the world and those who can use it wisely are clearly on the road to high performance. A CLO blends their experience and expertise with emerging technologies and streamlined procedures to optimizing human capital, technology, and efficiencies.

It’s the responsibility of the CLO to be in-the-know about industry news and technology and keep clients informed – from soup to nuts – so they can use data to help drive business decisions and turn data into business intelligence.

A CLO doesn’t just know what’s going on in the industry and in their client’s organization; they know how to adapt, adjust, and scale as needs arise. A CLO can do that because they have the personnel and skills to have performed well in the past and dedication and commitment to continue to do so in the future.

A CLO knows how to adapt to the customer’s environment, adjust to and excel with the changing market, and have a nimble enough structure to respond rapidly and effectively.

The role of a CLO is not only a privilege but also a responsibility. Organizations should depend on them for strategic planning, execution, performance evaluation, and overall project management. That means they can leave all their responsibilities – and headaches – with their CLO.

Accountability is about accepting responsibility, keeping promises, and making sure the job gets done on time, every time. When a CLO commits to a project, they own it and they make sure the work gets done. No excuses, just results.

We not only believe in the power and potential of a CLO, we’re the ones who made up the position and coined the phrase. So it’s not a secret that the major benefits of acquiring a CLO – intelligence, adaptability, and accountability – are three of Principle Logistic Group’s fundamental corporate pillars.

You can’t just be competent or capable to be successful in logistics. You’ve got to be really great – in your technology, processes, and performance – and you’ve got to be really good – in the way you respect and relate to customers, partners, and coworkers.